Questions People Ask

How can I read Greek documents with my Web browser?

There are Greek fonts at for all operating systems along with detailed instructions about how to install them. Once you have installed the Greek fonts, select Options/Document Encoding/Greek to read a Greek document.

Is there a good computer course (CD-ROM) or language book that I can buy to learn more?

I used to have a page with links to commercial products, but I decided to remove it. The reason is that these pages have been developed out of no personal-profit interest and I hate to promote products of people that seek profit through the Greek language. If you are looking for commercial products, you have to look at other places.

What is the right way to write the Greek letters?

There is no one way to right the letters and any way that suits you is the "right way". However, you may find the Handwriting page helpful.

How can I learn more about Greece?

The best (to my opinion) links about Greece are under the Greece on the Web page.

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