How to say "Happy Birthday"

Usually a simple "Χρόνια Πολλά" should be enough. If, however, you want to impress him/her you can sing the following "Happy Birthday" song :

Greek Text Pronunciation English Translation
Να ζήσεις Θανάση *na zIsis thanAsi* (Long) may you live Thanasis
και χρόνια πολλά *k'e khrOn'a polA* and (may you live) many years
μεγάλος να γίνεις *meghAlos na gh'Inis* may you grow old
με άσπρα μαλλιά *me Aspra mal'A* with white (gray) hair
Παντού να σκορπίζεις *pandU na skorpIzis* (May you) spread out everywhere
της γνώσης το φως *tis ghnOsis to fOs* the light of knowledge
και όλοι να λένε *k'e Oli na lEne* and may everybody say
να ένας σοφός *na Enas sofOs* there, (he is) a wise man
Of course, if your friend is not named Θανάσης you will have to substitute his name in the first verse (always in the vocative case). For example

Name First Verse
Κώστας να ζήσεις Κώστα
Άγγελος να ζήσεις Άγγελε
(Only for names in "-ος" with more than 2 syllables)
Μάνος να ζήσεις Μάνο
Μαρία να ζήσεις Μαρία
Νίκη να ζήσεις Νίκη
If your friend is a girl then you will have to change the adjectives μεγάλος and ένας σοφός to μεγάλη (*meghAli*) and μία σοφή (*mIa sofI*) correspondingly. You can listen to the song the way it is (approximately) supposed to be sung (courtesy Cynthia Ann Childers).
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