To create the icons for the Greek letters I have used the Greek font from IslandDraw.
I have used several books as references and for guidance. The ones I almost relied upon are
  1. "Modern-Greek Grammar", Educational-Book Publishing Organization (high-school book for Greek students).
  2. "Modern Greek for foreigners, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (university book for international students).
  3. Conversational Modern Greek, The Cortina Learning International, Inc. (foreign-language-learning book for Americans).
I'm indebted to my ex-roommate, Christos Seretis, who recorded some of the audio files.
Kostas Stathatos has helped me with several UNIX-related issues, as well as with designing the Greek letter icons.
I wish to thank Aaron Rubin for giving me the permission to use his 100 Words To Learn In A Foreign Language page.
Thanks to all the web surfers, who made suggestions on how to improve these pages.
I borrowed a recorded "Happy Birthday" song from Cynthia Ann Childers's home page.
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