First 101 Words in Greek

The following list of words is taken from the 100 Words To Learn In A Foreign Language page by Aaron Rubin and will hopefully provide the reader with a basic vocabulary in Greek. Note that Nouns and Adjectives are presented in the Nominative Case of the Masculine Gender and the Verbs in the First Person of the Present Tense. Unlike English one cannot just glue words together to make a sentence, but one has to learn to conjugate nouns and verbs in order to form grammatically correct phrases.
Basic words
hello γεια *gh'A*
yes ναι *nE*
no όχι *Okh'i*
good morning καλημέρα *kalimEra*
good night καληνύχτα *kalinIkhta*
goodbye αντίο *adIo*
thank you ευχαριστώ *ephkharistO*
what? τι; *tI?*
which? (neuter) ποιο; *pkh'O?*
where? πού; *pU?*
when? πότε *pOte*
how much? πόσο; *pOso*
who? (masc) ποιος; *pkh'Os?*
why? γιατί; *gh'atI?*
how? πώς; *pOs?*
please (σας) παρακαλώ *(sas) parakalO*
and και *k'E*
only μόνο *mOno*
a little λίγο *lIgho*
also επίσης *epIsis*
too (in excess) επιπλέον *epiplEon*
but αλλά *alA*
maybe ίσως *Isos*
something κάτι *kAti*
someone (masc) κάποιος *kApkh'os*
excuse me συγνώμη *sighnOmi*
book βιβλίο *bhibhlIo*
pen στυλό *stilO*
table τραπέζι *trapEzi*
man άντρας *Andras*
woman γυναίκα *gh'inEka*
child παιδί *pedhI*
boy αγόρι *aghOri*
girl κορίτσι *korItsi*
student (masc) μαθητής *mathitIs*
car αυτοκίνητο *aphtokInito*
language γλώσσα *ghlOsa*
tourist τουρίστας *turIstas*
city πόλη *pOli*
money χρήματα *khrImata*
store κατάστημα *katAstima*
restaurant εστιατόριο *estiatOrio*
family οικογένεια *ikogh'enia*
mother μητέρα *mitEra*
father πατέρας *patEras*
sister αδερφή *adherphI*
brother αδερφός *adherphOs*
water νερό *nerO*
day ημέρα *imEra*
evening βράδυ *bhrAdi*
night νύχτα *nIkhta*
morning πρωί *proI*
afternoon απόγευμα *apOgh'ebhma*
breakfast πρωινό *proinO*
lunch γεύμα *gh'Ebhma*
dinner δείπνο *dhIpno*
food φαί, φαγητό *phaI*, *phagh'itO*
chair καρέκλα *karEkla*
friend φίλος *phIlos*
newspaper εφημερίδα *ephimerIdha*
spouce σύζυγος *sIzighos*
sea θάλασσα *thAlassa*
to ask ρωτώ *rotO*
to speak μιλώ *milO*
to know ξέρω *ksEro*
to see βλέπω *bhlEpo*
to do κάνω *kAno*
to make φτιάχνω *phtkh'Akhno*
to eat τρώω *trOo*
to drink πίνω *pIno*
to understand καταλαβαίνω *katalabhEno*
to want θέλω *thElo*
to learn μαθαίνω *mathEno*
to sit κάθομαι *kAthome*
to need χρειάζομαι *khriAzome*
to go πάω *pAo*
to live ζω *zO*
to come έρχομαι *Erkhome*
to buy αγοράζω *aghorAzo*
to sell πουλώ *pulO*
to look for ψάχνω *psAkhno*
to work δουλεύω *dhulEbho*
to visit επισκέπτομαι *episk'Eptome*
to smoke καπνίζω *kapnIzo*
to love αγαπώ *aghapO*
to pay πληρώνω *plirOno*
to hear ακούω *akUo*
beautiful/pretty (masc) όμορφος *Omorphos*
nice (masc) ωραίος *orEos*
big (masc) μεγάλος *meghAlos*
small (masc) μικρός *mikrOs*
good (masc) καλός *kalOs*
interesting (masc) ενδιαφέρων *endhiaphEron*
sick (masc) άρρωστος *Arostos*
cold (masc) κρύος *krIos*
hot (masc) ζεστός *zestOs*
new (masc) καινούριος *k'enUrgh'os*
old (thing) (masc) παλιός *pal'Os*
young (masc) νέος *nEos*
old (person) (masc) γέρος *gh'Eros*
Greek (nationality) (masc) Έλληνας *Elinas*

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